Almost completely Zombified man about to lose his humanity

Even if he gets the crab off before the takeover is complete…his body has been to destroyed for him to live…

That’s some pretty cool editing.


looks like it’d be a picture for half life 3 or something. Very nice.

I have never understood why the headcrab causes victums stomachs to rip open.

Something in the headcrab changed there DNA when they latch on and what ever it is causes them to grow claws and rip open there chest to feed through. The broken ribs become the teeth
But that’s just a guess :smiley:

The chest is probably ripped open by the host during zombification.

cool picture, he looks so desperate and sad

nice editing man

Horrible situation. I feel bad for the guy.

Anyways, great pic and nice editing.


This picture is flawless but the DoF looks weird

Well in Half Life they ate people through their chest cavity. But why don’t the innards fall out.

God help me!

Nice editing.

I was eating when I clicked this thread. Thanks.

Also, this is awesome.

The headcrab covers the mouth, so they use the hosts arms to rip open the stomach so they can feeed directly.
As for the image, amazing, but the DoF looks weird.

I always thought that the gaping ribcage was converted into an alternate mouth during mutation…

Epic picture I love the editing

Oh Shit! I didn’t see the date Sorry

that was the answer to a question on cash cab today.

Oh look it’s a rock zombie! He’s made out of rock! (The arms and such look like rock)