Almost fully destructable map or maps, or gamemod

I have an idea of creating a realistic destructbale map about a size of GM_CONSTRUCT enlarged 2 times , buildings and obstacles would be destructable, textures would be super realistic since me and my team (if somebody wants to help me) would be creating them from a real life buildings and place, this would be a perfect edition to letnoobs custom weaponry, since we have grenade lunchers and rpg7, so you could shoot a grenade and blow up a door or a wall or a building base like in Battlefield, and many other things which would be after a discussion.i would recocomend using these mods with the map:
Costum. weaponry;
Smod kick;
SCars BF2 BF3 vehicles

This will be VERY taxxing on peoples computers, even the small destructable maps are quite laggy.

Noper it would not be cause most of the destruction would be based on props, obstecles where you can cover from bullets other would be glass and wood based walls so doors would break off not explode, less lag more options :downs:

Props = lag.

still gonna try anybody wants to join?

The source engine can’t handle it. Even small destructible maps give me 2 fps. I have a perfectly fine computer that can run BF3 on ultra in about 90 fps. Your forgetting that the BF3 engine is very powerful. Not to mention that BF3’s “Destructable” enviroments are scripted. Notice how everytime you destroy a wall it always blows up in the same way. Like that building near the checkpoint in Caspian Border that can be destroyed. I always see the rubble destroyed in the same way.

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