Almost killed by TP or Hacker?

Hi peeps,

So this is what happened:

I was checking a potential Hacker I was at his base not wearing my invicble gear,
I was wearing a Kevlar set. I found my self at the 7/8 floor of his metal base, wich hade been raided so I could walk up there. I hear him come walking towards the base, I didn’t want to lose my gear (I’m a real bad shot) so I TP’ed out. Call me a coward I know… Thing I’d when I landed somewhere else. I hade 5 hp and almost died. Now I want to know is it possible you get hurt bij a TP? Because I never hade that before. Then the guy said he saw me, and it was abuse. Sure it is I know my bad. But but that’s not the question here. How the hell can he see me when he is outside a 8 story metal base, is it possible for a hacker to hit me while TP’ing or a sec. Before from outside the base and what happens if one TP’s away? Do you hear a sound do you see someone flying our you’re base??

Anyone any experience with this?



If you stand the right distance away from a base, it doesnt actually render the structure properly and you can sometimes see inside either by a wall that doesnt render, or more commonly a door.
As for dying when you TP, most likely you either teleported back to a suspended level where you fell through the floor (this has happened to me in some bases) or you teleported to someone standing close enough to a wall
that you spawned outside the wall and fell.

I did not TP to someone, I use and can choose a location on the map. Wich in this case was Hangar. I know the render bug, so I guess I can stripe that one off the list. He could have seen me in a legit way. But what do you see when someone TP’s away? And I wasn’t injured if you fall so hard you only got 5hp, you’re allways injured right?

I use Rusty, and before they updated the coordinate system with preset locations, you had to use XYZ positions. I noticed that if you screwed up and spawned too high up, the fall would almost kill you or fully do the job. Also, if you spawn in the ground even a little, you instantly die.

Anyway, if you didn’t fall at all, and just instantly got hurt, then I have nothing valuable for you.


The guy was hacking, saw you through his hacks, decided to kill you with his hacks but before he could finish you off, you teleported away.

This is exactly my thought but is it possible, because if it is I’m going to ban him. But if you could get killed by TP it’s hard to proof. I TP’d to that same spot a lot never hade any problems before…
Damn wished I diden’t use that medkit, so I could see what killed me!

I use as well. Highly unlikely those teleports would hurt you. You used the interactive map I assume right?

Yes i did i spawned on top of Hangar as always, never hade problems before.

Same here. I use those all day long everyday and have never once gotten injured via a map TP point.

I never got damage from TP unless I was using X/Y/Z coordinates and messed up the height. One thing I do notice is that when using X/Y/Z coordinates, if the location where you TP to has structures around it, you get a loading time and this will affect the height at which you appear (you end up lower if you lag). Depending on where you end up, this can hurt you. For instance I have TP points for my bases and lots of the time I’ll end up on the wrong story… on occasion this hurt me but never killed me.

In your specific case though, I’d say it was hacks… but then again, can you prove the guy didn’t have a friend in the base you were in?

Nope i can not, but now he says he was standing next to me when I TP’d.
So from hearing him walk on grass to me TP’ing was 2sec. So he walked a 8 storie building and shot me in 2sec. Without sound, after the grass steps I only heard one metal step.
Only thing I can come up with is that he was already in the building and I heard some one else on the grass…

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Nope i can not, but now he says he was standing next to me when I TP’d.
So from hearing him walk on grass to me TP’ing was 2sec. So he walked a 8 storie building and shot me in 2sec. Without sound, after the grass steps I only heard one metal step.
Only thing I can come up with is that he was already in the building and I heard some one else on the grass…

But he says he got it all filmed, if he doesn’t want to show me I know enough.

good for you for not just instabanning him, but it does sound like he’s hacking

I’m just a player and most of the servers I play on have teleport and yes you can get injured or killed by teleport but it does not explain how he saw you.

I believe the term “teleport” is what is making this confusing.

I believe the way teleporting works in this game isn’t a vanish and reappear like most people think, but it’s more of a travelled super fast to that location.

So if he was firing at your body as you were teleporting he could have got a couple hits in.

You can see these teleporting phenomenon by teleporting close by or when lag occurs and you can see the person being teleported literally “flying” or tearing away to said location.

it may be near impossible, but you may or may not still be able to get hit while moving this fast by random shots. The probability of this happening is near zero though as you are moving in a straight line at inhumanly fast speeds.

So what you are saying is you went into this guys base “found” some kevlar on an open room then used your admin to TP out so that you would not lose the kevlar set?

If you are going to abuse your admin to escape a fight and save gear you found why not just spawn it for your self in the first place. Admin abuse is admin abuse regardless of how it is done. If you use your admin to give you ANY kind of advantage then it IS admin abuse and I hope your server gets DDosed by hackers cause the last thing this community needs is another admin that is running a server for the power.

Why don’t you just ban him cause you think he is hacking that sounds about right for your caliber of an admin.

Where did you see the part saying that he took the guy’s kevlar ?

Sometimes I wonder how dyslexic this community is, I then remember there is kids like this in it and remain fulfilled that it is indeed very dyslexic.

Yes i abused my admin powers, is it my server no! If it gets DDos I don’t care. Are we an admin abusive server no! Do you know me or the server? NO! So I hope you get DDos’d you’re self!

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But if he was using a hack where everybody in the area gets hit, that’s what I thought…

And if he was not hacking, then I’m a dick and abusive admin yes!

BAS, dont talk shit.

You spawned C4 and actively blew your way into our base. When my friend spotted you, you indeed TPed because you were affraid to die or have your plans foiled. Unlucky for you, my friend did see your name and called you on it @ steam chat. Where you even admitted to abusing as “we were too powerful and made people leave the server”.

And yes, I have the steamchat logs, but it’s all in Dutch.
Good job, admin. Well done.

He couldn’t have shot you if you were teleporting . Sometimes tping , hell even eating haha drops your hp down + the chance might be higher of getting dmg the higher you are in a building as where you tp it might not render properly and you fall through stuff. That guy did not hit you

And never ever use the “It’s my server , I do what I want with it” line because you will end up with max 10online/day or 0. <-- still I’m not sure of what u mean by ur first line in the last post but this last comment was aimed at that.