Almost no Servers visible

Hello guys!
My GMod (and every other source game) isn’t listing servers properly.
I have this issue since over a year now, before that it worked just fine

Just 21 servers listed here

and favorites look like

i am quite sure this is no ip blocking or port problem as connect <ip> works just fine


I am quite sure it’s either your Max Pings settings or your Internet. Or your location/region.

My location is Europe/Germany i tried different max ping settings.
Instead of some i will try all asap i am done with my homework.

I am also having this issue in TF2, no idea what to do.

Tried some, still no success.
My internet speed is about 16k down and 2k up

16k? 16kb/s?

Can you load web pages while searching for servers?

lol, 16 mbit/s
Of course i can, my ping is under 50 in average

I’ve had the Favorites tab issue too. Refreshing the list seems to fix it

It doesnt fix it for me at all

Looks like your in the legacy browser because that is what is looks like. Try clicking the x on the top right and maybe it will load with gamemodes. (Mine doesnt load servers when in the legacy browser). If still doesn’t work then delete Gmod then reinstall.

cant tell if you are trying to troll or not.

anyways bump, still have this problem (even in steam server browser) seems all fine with nonsource games tho

Im pretty sure favorites looks like that for everyone. Or it just happened to me on my desktop and laptop.