alone in the dark forest

that’s p darn neato
you should’ve removed the sdof percent thing at the bottom right though

I’m having a hard time figuring out what the green particles are supposed to be. Otherwise, I like it.

Great lighting on this guy!

The posing on the soldier is very good, and the lighting is too. I would have emphasized more on where the light is coming from because the tail lights of the Humvee barely look lit up. And I don’t see any other possible light source in the area. Also, a few of the zombie posing looks over exaggerated, almost to the point where it’s distracting (but thats just me). When I pose, I go back to the camera to make sure the viewer (camera) can tell what the zombies are doing. In this case, I almost have to assume their running based off the few zombies I can see. Another thing, the green/yellow spots are far too distracting. If they were supposed to be fireflies, it should be much more sparse and subtle.

Love the idea, the posing on the soldier, but the execution could have been a little bit better in some area’s, but great picture none the less. Good job!

Find the big dipper soldier!


Great pic btw.