"Alone in the Dark." Or Red.

I haven’t been posing anything for atleast 5 years so yeah.
Generic? Yes. Whatever.

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I would say zoom in a bit more, and have the camera closer to the hero character. Gives it more of a “Survival-Horror” feel.

Good to have you back after five years! What’s it like in the outside world?

I don’t know, been building stuff.

V2 for ya Wolfe



Are you using Sharpen? If so, don’t.

Ok, but I don’t see why.


reminds me of dayz

Because it looks terrible.

nevermind this guy. He doesn’t know what constructive criticism is.

It doesn’t look very eye apealing. But at least you’re trying, considering you changed the angle and shit 3 times now.

You gotta think about everything in the shot. And how interesting the picture as a whole is gonna be to look at. Right now it’s the back of a dude looking down a dark hallway. You could make it more interesting by adding some signifigance to his sorroundings. Maybe destruction, blood. props. etc. To suggest what might have been going. Stuff like that.

The problem being nothing is happening, it’s just some guy standing in a dark hallway, it just makes it look like you didn’t put a lot of effort into this.

I meant the sharpen tool looks terrible.

Watch out for Riddick.

Yeah, I kinda put more effort into the scenery itself.


Didnt expect that

that was uncalled for
you made me vomit out of my butt

I wanted to keep it till someone asks “What map is that”, but I realised that most people would find out that little trick by looking at the filename.

Nice job on the scenebuild! Maybe you could have the rebel doing something like glancing over his shoulder or tapping the flashlight?

from where i stand your scenebuild is quite impressive
the flaw with your picture itself (not the scenebuild) is that the angle seems rather silly

maybe if the map supports fog you could have try and used it to make the darkness at the other side of the tunnel just slightly less darker than it is now, making it dark red would be a good start

also the lighting is rather awkwardly placed, the red light is supposed to be on top on the right, yet the scene is lit up by a red light under the floor

its a very good scenebuild and i can see youre quite dedicated to this

Needs to have like blood or some steam from the pipes, Depends on if it is supposed to be scary or not.