Alone no more: the nude Ellis thread

Zoey and Rochelle don’t have to be lesbians anymore. I’m working on a nude Ellis model for L4D2 and gmod. Honestly, I’ve already released a “beta” for the model at gamebanana:

There are several finishing touches I have to do for the final model, but I’m not very far from the completed product. I’ve not had luck, though, with creating successful bodygroups, so I think I just might make a l4d2 version and a completely nude version for gmod unless someone can point me in the right direction.

Rastifan has already created some great photos from the banana hammock version of Ellis as seen in the former sex pose thread, but here are some screenshots:

Such finishing touches include the obvious “tan” lines (a normal map issue, really) and, of course, Ellis’s package. But yes, the model will include faceposing both in gmod and L4D2.


Can you make a naked coach too?

Well, I have made some progress. I’ve tried to make the “tan lines” less obvious, but still have some work to do with the normal map. Also, there’s a little extra mesh near the genitals that I tried to make into pubic hair, but that didn’t turn out so well. I wish pubic hair wasn’t such a pain… I don’t have more screenshots but will provide more when I can actually sit down to work on it properly.

I’m also trying to make the hair on his body a little more obvious…

I read the title, and clicked anyways. There must be something wrong with me.

Ahhh, my eyes!!

You know, seeing a naked guy doesn’t make you any gayer or filthier than what you are now…

I hope it’s not dead.

No, I’ve actually updated the banana hammock skin and submitted a new one here:

This second one is basically another experiment to achieve the same end. Eventually I will find a compromise between these two attempts and come up with a better solution, since I was able to use a lot more polys for the shirtless one since it was only half the body.

And, strangely enough, the banana hammock/borat Ellis is now suddenly a port. What bullshit is that? Anyway, the link and download page still works. It just won’t show up on the main site; but it’s already been mirrored to hell and google-cached to oblivion, so I’m not too concerned.

Boy am I glad to hear that :slight_smile:
Just take your time, it looks great already.
And it’s fine, FPSBanana suck. Who cares if it’s a port or not :wink:

I think that a better model of zoey would be more appreciated.

How better can it get?
There are shitlaods of naked Zoey skins, just look for 'em :wink:
Same with Rochelle.

shitload? more like 2.

I remember the one with the torn shirt, the one when she is without anything, the one with only the pills and guns, etc…
It’s more like different bodygroups instead of a whole new skin :stuck_out_tongue:

In case you haven’t noticed, there is already another thread about that on this very forum.

I suppose I could show some additional WIP shots. I’ve experimented with adding pubic hair, but it seems to have the strange issue of disappearing when the player flashlight shines on it. It has to do with the $translucent tag, and it also seems to happen with the stock L4D2 characters.[/IMG_thumb] and [IMG_thumb]

It’s probably difficult to tell from those screenshots, but I haven’t found a way around it. $alphatest makes the texture not render at all after a certain distance and looks like crap.

Some additional shots…

When do you think that it will be complete? Anytime soon?

great mod! there are tons of female nude mods but almost none for male characters and i think this is the first for L4D2.
thanks for your work, looking forward to see it in the game :smiley:


screenshots from the banana and shirtless mod :slight_smile: