This was originally from my comic Im making but I just deiced to post it anyway

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This would have looked so much better if his shadow was stretching down the hall.

Reminds me of the “Of Their Own Accord” level in MW2.
A lot.

mw2 invented fire and american soldiers

apparently COD : World at War invented the eastern front aswell, people need to forget and bury these shit games 10 feet beneath the ground.

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picture itself is nice but as said before, would require some dynamic shadows.

Or if he even had a shadow…

I had forgotten about my shadow quality it was on medium but I will remember about the dynamic shadow setting’s too.

they’re not shit

mw2 had some great scenery and it was pretty fun

but that’s not saying it was a great game because it wasn’t that great but still not shit

i think the pose looks very unrealistic
it looks as if he’s only sitting on one butt cheek

Yeah I wasn’t expecting good comments I just started with my comic

adjustable butt cheeks