Alot of My Art Made Of Props

Here is the art I made with props. They are all just random art, but they looked cool. I used stacker Stool. Now here they are:

Sorry if I took up a lot of space, but this is my first time posting screenies. This is also my first attempt at prop art. Oh, and who would like to see my Halo comic when I’m finished with it?


Prop art? Thats new. Really have no comment because I really don’t know what I am looking at.

What? Why are you calling this trolling?


oh wait, this is random made prop sculptures. I can make a prop drawing of a pistol, if you want.

Well…it’s basically neat looking stuff made out of props. It’s really cool acually. On this one server in Gmod, I saw a guy recreate the TF2 Minigun using nothing but Half Life 2 Props, and it acually looked like the real thing.

Yes! More people than just I know of prop art. Who all wants me to make a hl2 9MM pistol? say 1 if so, 0 if no.

That’s badass, really.

1,also agree sounds badass

ok, see you guys soon. I have to boot up gmod with all my addons to have my prop art. I think you’ll like this. If, in any case, I see more prop art appear, I will start competing. I have like 60 addons, so I need to wait a while to boot up gmod. Even with my Asus and a quad core processor, it takes a lot of patience to boot up. Ok, bye.

“Plop art” you mean… Well the one with the refrigerators is kinda cool but… the other ones just look like the stacker tool X10.

Here is the pistol. I didn’t make it 3D, I drew it out of props. here:

Say 1 if you like. Oh, and if you want me to make a Halo comic, than say 2, and if not for the comic, say 0. Oh, and I need suggestions for the comic if you say 2.

Avant-garde art. I like it.

Thanks. If anyone says 2, than you should give a suggestion for the comic.

looked cooler in my head but nice job!

It looked cooler because I’m new. But thanks anyways.


Anyone else like it?

Looks artistic.Keep making arts like this.

Will you just fuck off already? He isn’t a troll.

Interesting art by the way

I did this shit in my old server. Good times.


Now the pistol looks cool, but does it fire?