Alot of RUST IDEAS/ Feel free to add ideas

Bigger Map
Snow (Cold Factor) Frostbite

Military Compounds, airports
Bigger map
NPC vendors could show up randomly, Trade items for other items, do not add money.
Rivers, streams, ponds, Lakes, able to refill water bottles
More different kinds of trees

Canned Food, can be refilled and salavaged
Water Bottles, can be refilled and salvaged
Fish (Fishing rod)
Different kinds of food, beef, chicken different stats, Calories etc.

Sniper, not bolt action something better. Military graded.
Crossbow Made out of either wood or metall, Uses bolts
Improvments on arrows, other tips, Metall some goes for bolts
More Bows, Compound bow, Shortbow, longbow,
Bow mod slots (if you have ever played crysis 3) Different kinds of strings, Sights.
Molotov Cocktail
Spear, both a melee weapon and a throwable weapon.
Knife which could be added to your utility belt
MORE MELEE WEAPONS, swords, katanas, knifes, sledgehammer, Machete
And actual revolver. .44 magnum was suggested
Weapons should be harder to find. Instead of finding whole weapons you only find parts of wepaons, stocks, barrels, etc
Flare gun, make the flares more usefull
Signs and notes
Shield to protect yourself against arrows, Riot shields could aslo be found in rad towns which can withstand bullets but not so many

Different kinds of grips with different stats (stability, recoil, etc)
Red dot sight
Nightvision scope
Scope 4x zoom
Scope 8x zoom
Scope 16x zoom
Extended mags & Mags taped together
Maybe a bayonet

Mines Triggered by tripwires
Shotgun trigged by wires

In Game map, Map pieces can be found in rad town. Places you have been on will be added to your map.
Furnance improvments (forge)
Utility belt, to add more quickslots
Quiver can store 40 arrow or bolts
Backpacks, Different sizes
Make bigger stashes
Upgradable workbenches to make crafting faster
Knife to skin animals
Hang Glider
Put torches on walls
WANTED posters
Barbed wire.

Being able to destroy own placed building parts. Like the /remove mod.
Being able to color parts, color comes from different kinds of berries.
Building permissions
Craftable Tents made by cloth and some wood.
Hammer and nails. So you can reinforce your walls, and use this remove own placed parts. And Repair damaged walls.
Gun Cabinents
More building parts
Metall Shelter
Lockable crates, safes and chests (can be blowed open by explosives)
Stone walls
Fix doors so they can only be opened in one direction.
Bricks, brick walls, and so on
Able to mix different kinds of building part, ex wood walls on metall foundation

Ability to color armor, logos for teams and factions
Armor models update
Something that can resist cold better for snow environment

-Farming- NOT MINE

Create groups with your friends. You can also see where your friends are on the map. Mark stuff on your map, and the group member could also see these marks.

Sprint and reload-
Stack research kits
Hitboxes for more DMG
Fix hitboxes for animals
Shift + right mouse button to stash items
Only get food when you chop an animal with a axe, use a knife to skin animals
Make leather armor craftable from the beginning
Enable trading
See if players are wielding weapons, Holsters, bandoilers
Make so you cannot clip into other players
New sound for chopping animals, its so loud.
Add a loot all button
Add a depsit all button
Tree branches inside houses…
Increase the render distance
Salvage items for metall etc
Loot/containers accessible by multiple players
Walls Muffle sound
Hold your breath to steady the aim, also help going prone
Add slot in the armor menu for backpacks and quivers

I took some of your ideas and put them in with my post, I provided a link as well as credit to this post.

Here is a link to my post
I had some ideas! (guns/housing/vehicles/crazy shit)

I like how you took a lot like 90% of my post and a huge amount from other posts and put it here with no link? nice move bro

I can’t access your post, it says I don’t have sufficient permissions.

I put wrong link that was an edit link try this or look for “Some Of MY Rust Ideas :D”

I skimmed over your post and I really like your ideas. Though I don’t think he, I, nor anyone else copied you as a lot of the ideas that people are coming up with are just very common ideas on their own. However I would like to take some ideas you have that I don’t and add them to my post, with your permission and a link of course.

Sure if you put a link its all good but should read the post the full post I go in depth about each addition plus I looked far back on the forums and if someone had the same idea I linked them and made my interpretation of it.

1 thing that should realy be changed is player names…they should be visible as soon as you aim at them.
This way you won’t be shooting a friend from a distance, and spot enemies during a gunfight.

I realise that some the ideas here are common to others. But I’m just typing what me and my friend brainstormed on skype.
Please take what ever you want from this thread. We are just trying to help the game to improve by giving it our thoughts and ideas.

Just start adding hidden caches of stuff around the map. That should be the first priority. The map is practically empty and void of any use.

hey there, guys
in my opinion, they should really overthink the whole weapon selection
i think some weapons are just too powerful, as well as they’re breaking the lore.
“crappy”, used weapons fit in much better, as it’s a survivor title. of course there can be better weapons, but these should be rare drops, as well as not craftable.

another thing that i’d like too see are some kind of mini bosses.
as i’m wandering the lands scavenging for ores, animals and players, i miss the drill of a monster you cant kill with 2 shots. i know the whole monster-thing is still in development, but here’s an idea to go with: some sort of “minibosses”, for example a huge mutated bear. something you just won’t be able to get down all by yourself. those could spawn randomly at some spot, and add some more hunting-fun to the game. also these could drop the better, not craftable weapons

I really liked the idea of the “minibosses” but nothing to overkill, maybe just “special” animals.
I cant really agree with you on the weapons and the lore. But it’s a matter of opinion.

true, just my opinion

i also wasn’t thinking about dinosaurs or stuff, but the whole setting almost shouts for some badass mutants. imagine an infected raging bear, with maybe 4x the size of a normal one. that would be fun

Seems like a good idea.

But here’s an idea: make your “revolver” a .44Magnum.

Added it to the post

I (re)added a link to this post on mine! Killed the old post that is seen in the top of the comments section, but it contains a link to the new post.


oh nice ideas that is more than what i had suggested. props.

We need character creation, and women characters. Everyone is killing eachother because there are no women on the island to love!

Sounds about right. Having sex now and then would probably take away that urge to kill random dudes living in 6 x 6 ft shelters.