"Alpha 2, we're supporting you. keep pushing."


editing is great, but the guy in the middle looks a bit weird for some reason… its great though D:


You need to branch out from desert pictures. Brown is all people seem to like these days; put some more colour into your pictures. Jungles, grasslands, swamps… that kind of thing.

and that’ll be generic

Not as generic as deserts, believe me. It’ll also be a lot more interesting visually; I am getting sick of brown everywhere. It drives me nuts, I want to see some colour. Fuck, even the shittiest deserts on the planet aren’t just straight brown.

Besides which, generic is more about the pose and edit itself than the environment, and I really don’t give a fuck if something’s generic if it looks nice. Your pictures are well-made, but visually boring.

I’m impressed, you included three people standing around doing nothing instead of two. Good job.

They’re not doing nothing, bro, they’re watching their arcs. :pseudo: