Alpha Aside - What the Community Wants for Rust.

Hello Rust! So far there has been loads of activity on this game called Rust (that of which we barely know of!) Because of this explosion of requests for a game which is only in the alpha, I think it would be good to make an idea thread so the community can really get there ideas out there!
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Rust could go a lot of different ways since it is in such an early state. Rust could mean a lot of different things to people. I think many see it as a suitable competitive replacement for games like WarZ and DayZ. On the other hand, others may see it as a sandbox style game which goes for more relaxed collaborative gameplay. Personally, I’d love to see Rust as a game which really allows you imagination to go free like Garry’s mod, but in a very competitive and dangerous environment.
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So far since we have seen so little of this game, it would be good for everyone to get the ideas down for Garry and all the great Devs to see especially since there is very little in the game thus far.

So I hereby open this thread to any and all ideas for this epic game!


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Can’t we just like, make our own thread, so that, like, the idea will actually be seen?

Should be some kind of “Ideas” sub-forum :slight_smile:

Molotov cocktails! You need glass [sand + fire (windows?)] and gasoline. Gasoline is super rare to find and the molotov’s can burn down doors and barricades. They can be put out with water.

I have some suggestions originating from Wurm which has some significant similarities to Rust.

*Stamina - Food and Water had to be maintained often or else you’ll slow down to a crawling pace. Different types of terrain also make you move slower and mountains were hell. How much you carried also slowed you down. Several roads and paths were built and maintain to allow ease of travel.

*Class perk leveling - weapon smith, carpenter, militia skills, harvester. Often times when players formed clans they were assigned roles and specialized in particular skills that benefited their community.

*Longer build times - players are often forced to band together to survive building their own fort or even a whole kingdom. A typical fort would take at least a month to complete. But it was well worth the time for protection from natures monsters which in this case might potentially be mutated creatures from radiation.

*Varying types of NPCs - It was pointless to go solo attacking other players when you have to go through so many monsters first. One alone is enough to kill you in 2-3 hits and they had a long view range so they could easily see and attack you from far away. The game was an RPG so there was everything from typical wolves to gigantic lava spiders.

*Extensive building system - The best part about Wurm, you could build small fences, large fences, stone fences, brick fences, gates, farms, practice ranges, traps, catapults, furniture, stoves, lamps, roads, tunnels. You could build a friggen guard tower which spawns AI guards that overlook your village while you’re away or AFK.

3 of the above suggestion alone are good enough to deter one-man raids.

Whith the perks you would be turning this game into an rpg which would ruin it! :c

I would love to see aircraft’s, tho this may be a bit crazy. TnT Maybe, Or what about some sort of “wire” circuitry system like in Garry’s Mod? Oh the possibilities with that…

Ooooor, you can post your Ideas here and not clog up the forum.

Back in my day ideas wasn’t a common noun.

My suggestion is to implement a smartness system into rust.

why would they put NPCs in Rust? I’m sorry, you probably had good intentions posting this, but that’s just stupid. I’m sick of people trying to turn Rust into some Skyrim or Fallout style RPG. Its dumb. the reason you suggested that is because its hard to go through monsters? well that’s the risk you take when you leave your house… the constant threat of death makes Rust unique. we don’t need things that will make the game easier (as I imagine NPC raids would be…) we don’t need AI guards that will guard you while your AFK… we don’t need class perk leveling. why constanltly grind to level your character up if you’ll probably end up dying anyways? and if you kept your perks after death there would be no real penalty to death. and why would you want to deter raids? that’s half the fun of the game… I realize all these suggestions come from Wurm, but it sounded like you wanted them added, which would be a terrible idea! I did like the stamina idea and some of the extensive building ideas though…

I would love a phew new melee weapons E.G knife.

Wow I made my own thread of my ideas and this thread shows up, I know this dudes plan he wants to steal our fame and glory (just kidding though) However since I did already make my own thread… CHEAP PLUG GO!

I think that you should add in a clan and/or friend system. Adding more weapons that are easier to make could be interesting and also a upgrade system similar to The Last of Us. Also adding antidote to radiation but only if radiation becomes permanent. Also, when gathering from trees you are more rewarded since usually tree gathering sucks and also be able to gather some sort of nut from trees to make it more rewarding as well. I hope you read these Garry!! --ChubbyComrade

P.S. Please give me a beta key!!! I LOVE RUST!!!

I am going to claw my way down your throat and tear out your very soul. :v: