Alpha being naughty.

Hey guys.
I have been making, skinning, compiling and using my own models for a while now. I just got handed a nice project which wants me to create 20~ models.
it had to be at a time when I really needed to do things fast (I’m almost a week over the deadline already, but luckily so is the programmer who wanted them) but either photoshop or VTFEdit is taking a shit on me, or I’ve done something stupid.

so here’s what’s going on: basically when i open either the png/tga that i made in photoshop, or the straight photoshop exported VTF in VTFEdit it shows NO alpha. just white. so after a while of playing around I realized that it was only using alpha that was backed up by actual transparency (ie the checkers in photoshop :P).
Keep in mind i’ve done around 10 models before this all with alphas that worked fine.

any help would REALLY be lovely, there are many things that i require alpha without transparency for :confused:

did you make sure you used a format that supports alpha channels?

Yes, If you did not see I noted that tried both Tga and PNG (although i actually tried a few more too.

As what VTFtype are you exporting?

Good point, doesn’t it have to be DX5 at least to support alpha? (though i’m pretty sure that is the default setting).

I have tried just about anything that looked hopeful.

DXT5 was the first, last and middle thing i tried :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay what are you calling the alpha channel then? (and what version of photoshop are you using) I think photoshop seven saves TGA’s in weird ways.

7 and cs5 have both been tried, and the alpha channel is just the default alpha 1

possible interesting bump here: It’s definitely photoshop, which puzzles me greatly (as when i save and re-open in PS tadaa no alpha channel

There have been a few people saying about this recently here, has the exporter been updated or something? (that would be my guess, some sort of exporter export error if lots of people are getting it).

hmm, I’ll look around see if I can find an update log for photoshop stuff, although i doubt ps7 will have been updated? or maybe they are all kept up to date in certain areas like that…

maybe they’ve made the exporter check for actual transparency in the RGB layers as well as the alpha :expressionless: