Alpha feed back.

This is just a general thread for your thoughts on the features of Rust, what you like, what you don’t, what you want to see and so on.

Everyone knows hacking is an issue and that will be fixed on the official release so get your panties out of a knot.

Some of the points I make in this thread have already been brought up and some of the ideas may not be mine originally but in either case this is where they’re going.


The current building options are great. Apart from the exploitable wall crouch trick the style and form of the buildings are nice. Interiors are spacious enough for breathing room but not so big houses feel unrealistic. Doors are very strong, probably too strong. I would nerf doors to have a similar hit point value to barricades (but not until the hacking issues get under control). Degradation of walls, pillars, and other unbreakable stuff is a sticky issue as the troll in me says “I WANT TO BURN IT ALL DOWN” but the autistic says “I don’t want my beautiful castle wrecked…”. Good luck figuring out the right balance :stuck_out_tongue:


Since the item dupe has been fixed I’ve seen a significant decrease in SUPER MANSIONS which is always nice. I believe we should have diminishing returns to build times. For example -if a normal build time is 30 seconds I’d like to see if you’re building a stack of 5 to have build time decreased by 5 seconds for each part of the stack and cut off the returns at 50% craft time so the most time you could shave at one time would be 15 second from a 30 second build time. You can fiddle with the math how you like for balancing purposes but something along those lines would be nice I think

Also to determine the size of the stack I think there should be a “shift+left click” option to increase the stack by 5 rather than 1 when you click the little plus sign button. This would be neat for making big stacks of ammo, gun powder, and other small items of that nature.

Mechanically I can’t think of any issues with crafting. It will be interesting to see what other stuff will be added to crafting.


With the new item dupe patch harvesting has become a lot more important and thats why it needs to be addressed. In its current state I think respawns for wood are too slow. To address this there either needs to be an increased amount of spawns (specifically in the forest) or make it so chopping down a tree provides significantly more wood at the cost of removing the tree from the map for a while or some other way to gather wood more quickly.

Metal and sulfur seem to spawn with enough frequency that I end up with too much fairly quickly so if anything their frequency needs to be lowered.

Animals are fine the way they are but the cloth to leather transformation is some kind of science I don’t even want to think about.

social interaction

I need to be able to see who people are at greater distances when I target them. I’m not asking to see them across the map but 10 meters isn’t unreasonable I don’t think. It would probably cut down on friendly fire incidents I think.

Furthermore regarding friendly fire. A way to identify squadmates is desperately needed. Be it an icon above their head, a uniform, displaying their name at all times or whatever. To that end I might suggest a command along the lines of "/friend ‘their name’ ". Something to allow friends access to your house would be nice be it a lock or keypad that only they can use.

Other niceties would include; a /ignore to shut up people you don’t like, multiple chat channels, private message windows or quick reply button.


Everything is a placeholder, understandably I’m not going to go into how things look. That said, the game runs fairly nice on my laptop, granted I have one that’s geared for gaming so I’m not speaking for people using notebooks with integrated graphics.

functionally wise- The laser sights are coming from the gun barrel instead of under it and the flashlight seems to be coming from the player rather than the gun. I figure these issues are pretty easy to fix by moving the flashlight in front of the gun model.

The lighting is pretty much spot on the way it is. Not much to change there.

Your guy’s thoughts on the alpha thus far? (constructive criticism please.)

-also I know they (the devs) already commented on the friendly/squad thing but I forgot what they said. :words:


Doors should be unbreakable for the time being and fix the walls. It costs like 3x as much wood to build doors and window frames for every section a wall could cover. Metal Fragments to make metal buildings would be incredibly nice, as this means reinforced doors and walls which could take like 3x as long to break, or not even breakable at all, but they would need to be extremely expensive. (Having like a Metal Safe in your wooden house would be really nice for when you log off)


Crafting is pretty good in this game. From a serious stand point the game could use new recipes but it’s alpha and I really like the system for crafting as it is. Some new recipes would be:
Cloth -> String
String + Wood -> Bow
Wood + Metal Fragment + String (maybe no string) -> Arrows

Something cheap for noobs so the guns don’t dominate the playing field all day. (Oh who am I fucking kidding, It’s to fend off the hatchet army)


Farming. Needed.

I mean like animal farming later, but having like wheat or something so you don’t have to go out and risk being Axe’d a question (dumb as hell joke, I know) just for some measly scraps of food.

Social Interaction

Okay this is the big problem. Finding the difference between friend and foe is this: If they run at you, Kill them. If they don’t, they’re neutral. I’ve only met 1 friendly player, and his name was DustWrangler, I even let him in my house. He was pretty chill, but didn’t know that the walls can be glitched through, he probably got mad at the fact someone raped him in his 1 x 1 house (poor dude).

I mean, what can we expect, without VOIP, talking means standing still which means instant death.


Overall the game looks and runs great! (lol holy shit I went from Beautiful to Fastest when I was playing and laughed my ass off at the fact fires were red squares.)
Animations: Good god. Why is everyone running around with rifle pistol things, I mean why have the Rifle animation if your character is always holding a pistol? Whatever, the fact that someone rushing at you either with a hatchet out or just empty handed is impossible to tell the difference. It could even stop (or at least positively affect PvP) by telling if someone is rushing you or not.


Game has plenty of potential, it’s just being suffocated by hackers, childish cunts, and glitchy, laggy, bugs. Can’t wait for this game to properly run!