Alpha Feedback: Cause of the FPS drops, server browser functionality and balance

Hello! Me and my friends are grateful for being a part of this alpha test. I have been searching for issues with my friends and we came to some agreements.
I haven’t found a “known bugs and issues” thread or anything like this, so I thought I would dump all of this here anyway.

I will include my thoughts on what developers should do and some workarounds for players.

First off:

**In-Game FPS drops (lag)

Most of the FPS drops are caused by the SERVER BROWSER. **We have tested this multiple times: used the net.connect (ip) command via console to join a server without clicking “play game”. We have a gain of 20 FPS on some machines, up to 40 FPS on others (compared to joining servers via the browser). The server browser is apparently very unstable and laggy, ruining the game’s performance.

Our suggestion: Make the game close the server browser once a server is joined.
Workaround (for players): Join a server via the browser (or have a friend join), grab the server’s IP in the console (F1), restart the game and connect using net.connect in the console. This will increase performance greatly.

**Server Browser

The server browser is not practical and completely unusable for some.** Our computers haven’t been able to join community servers sometimes because of the intense browser lag. A filter function is needed, sorting by ping, players or name. The friends tab sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. Also, for some reason, our ping is displayed very high on both our country’s servers and far away servers.
Our suggestion: **Make the server browser stop loading at one point, or add a manual “stop searching” button.
**Workaround (for players): **None.


I do realize this is not crucial to the game’s development right now, but it will be one time, so I’ll feedback on this anyway.
**Starting off in populated servers is difficult because of merciless players who kill fresh spawns. Maybe add spawn protection or some function to prevent killing people that just started off?
Finding stones in populated servers is extremely difficult unless you kill others who hoarded stone from other player loots too. There are almost no “big gray rocks” in the official servers anymore.
Clipping is an issue, especially with sleeping players. A leg that clips off a wooden wall makes the player vulnerable from attacks coming from the other side.
The windows need some kind of way to be blocked so no one builds a scaffold and invades your house.
The range for viewing player names seems too short.
If you built something, you should be able to break it in fewer strikes. Replacing a wooden door with a metal door is a tedious, long process of hitting a door forever, especially the wooden plank left off after you break the door.
Furnaces should have a UI just like the campfire’s. It can become confusing to just dump items in it.
The metal ore, stones and sulfur ore can be confused pretty easily. Maybe make them a little different?
A slingshot would be fucking rad, fucking awesome, and also a good weapon for starting off or defending from wolves.

That’s about it. If I recall anything I forgot, I will edit this post.

It has been a very entertaining game since we bought this, and we look forward to play Rust many times. Bugs are annoying and hinder any game’s development process, and we understand you are doing your best to fix all of the issues involved.
Take your time while fixing bugs, don’t change the game’s amazing core essence, and ask for more feedback. I believe this game can build up to an amazing release if you keep up the great job.

From me and my friends,
Thank you very much!

Yeah Ik they need to sort out the server browser

Slingshots, or shangai’s as we call them here, are only good for killing birds, you’d never kill a pig or a wolf with one. So the game needs birds. There’s chooks I know, but I mean proper flying ones. Hawks circling a spot in the sky could even indicate to you where a dead person is, and the sudden flight of a flock of birds could indicate ones presence, etc.

You could also make it so that you need to kill birds first with a shangai before you can make arrows, since you need feathers for the fletching on the arrows.

Also, we should be able to stack more arrows in a slot. I mean, you can either stack 10 arrows in 1 slot, or 250 wood planks:

Or make it possible to craft a quiver out of cloth or leather, which you can load arrows into (and more than 10).

And/or make arrows recoverable.