ALPHA: Gm_SpaceStation

Finally, after the stupid and ugly maps I’ve been making, I actually made a map that will take more then 1 week!
That’s right, I’m mapping a good map!

now since this is alpha i dont have any in game photos but i do have sdk hammer pics that aren’t even 5% done, but to give you a feel.

this is the base of the map

I hope this will turn out good.

PS! YES THERE WILL BE PROPS!!! :slight_smile:

Seems extremely basic, your textures aren’t aligned correctly and you aren’t using the nodraw texture for places the player wouldn’t see, faces in non-viewable areas get culled but nodraw is still a good practice to get into.

Your skybox also seems to be just a massive hollow box, I advise against this strongly, try reading some tutorials on texture alignment and level design, also I advise you watch some of the tutorials which users here including myself have uploaded.

Happy Mapping!

Currently, you have nothing to show. There is no detail, lighting, ingame screens, special features. It is a series of basic corridors with no ceilings, placed in a hollowed box. Way too early for a thread.

Who the hell voted this wonderful :v:

Lets provide some constructive criticism.

  • this is a gm map, so im guessing its for building and messing around on? Build the station first, then the tunnels. You’re building the detail before you bought the canvas to paint on.

My post was incredibly constructive as opposed to what I’m known for.

Mine was constructive too.

damnet, I labeled this title an alpha stage, and yes give me a minute to add details im not a god! :frowning:
ALPHA ALPHA ALPHA 0.001!!! VERY MIN ALPHA!!! and people sstill treat this map as a fully done map…ITS ALPHA!!! I haven’t tested in game, and the corners textures arent aligned cause i spent two hours and could not get them to line up!!! all this map is going to have 90% custom textures!!! man I wa hoping alpha could tell people that this map isn’t even 1% done, but darn.

We get it, but this isn’t nowhere near done and ready to be shown to us here, all you did was take a few hammer screenshots of a few walls and floor and a player spawn, finish it a bit more, this isn’t looking very appealing at all even if it’s an alpha, beta, gamma or whatever the hell

BASICALLY: a map that is 0.0001% or 1% done should NOT be shown on here, there is nothing to show at all

I’m spending hours on end…took me a day to actually make the corriders to look more better then a rectangle, im adding ceilings, I’m trying as much as I can! I searched tut’s on the developer site, did sliding doors, im going to add lights, im going to add props, i need more time! btw i’ll be posting a new thread of this map that is going to be the beta stage instead of alpha.

Doesn’t matter. The map is no where near the point that you should be showing it off. If you are showing us a map, it should be in a state where we can give feedback. Don’t fall into the trap where custom is best, custom can still look like shit if you don’t know the tricks behind texturing and adding detail.

Don’t make another thread when you hit your beta point, just update the thread.

Don’t expect to make a good map overnight. It might take 6 months before it is ready for release.

Wow, people gave you criticism, and you responded like a little kid. You’re acting like those little kids on deviantart who claim something like 'lol this took leik 2 minutes i didnt try it was 4 fun" and then block you and get pissed when you ask “then why upload it in the first place”?

More related to topic, do you have any ideas on what you might use for the skybox?

I am going to be your savior today.

ALT + Right click to align textures. Click on one face with the texture browser up, then ALT right click on adjacent ones to keep everything not stupid.

With that out of the way, don’t complain about people, well, complaining. You posted it in its own thread, which implies you were ready for feedback or ready to show off/release. Strangely, none of this is true, so I can’t actually discern what the point of this thread was other than “this map is now in production.”

Good luck!

So who cares if it’s alpha, you posted a thread so we expect you to be able to handle constructive criticism and not whine like a little girl about it. I also really can’t believe this took you numerous hours of work in it’s current state.

Seriously, watch/read a lot of tutorials first then get into mapping.