Alpha Hunters

If the title isn’t obvious to what an Alpha Hunter is; I shall explain: An alpha hunter is a hunter that has evolved, so to speak, to the point that it is much more capable of thinking strategically and coordinate attacks.

Now there is more to this pose, which I shall show after this dies down. There are some shading errors in regards to the lighting, but I was just having fun with it so, yeah, whatever.

Oh, and as we speak I am working on Vandal, for anyone who is actually anticipating it.

Oh man they so gangsta

But if they evolved enough to think logically without anger blinding them like the reggies why are they still fighting humans

Now did I say anything like that? :smug:

It’s pretty much a Island of Dr. Moreau kind of aspect. They’re split between their animalistic nature and their superior thinking capabilities. But instead of using those abilities to think rationally, they use it to lead their hordes.

So they are like velociraptors? cool.

Velocirunters hurr hurr.


Really nice editing, I like it.


they’re so cute and fluffy

two hunters are like: * “uhhhhh you gonna share?” *

Hunter Alpha? So in the fifth picture are we going to see a Hunter Beta? (lol RE5 reference) I see the shading issues you were talking about but I like the color scheme of the picture. Have a palette.

this reminds me of the wale wars south park when there like " Yea where bad asses"

Reminds me of some black gang going “Yo look what we got here, damn son.”

Also I’d like to see them out smart a HUNTING RIFLE.

Thank you, thank you all!


Hm, interesting. Very interesting.


I see

Science has hurt his eyes.

He is blind. D:

Looks pretty nice.

What have I done?!

I really light the lighting and the posing is really good.
Although it would be better if the hunter all the way to the right is visible.

A good deed?

Honestly I think I should have taken the other hunter out all together for this shot.

It looks like you didn’t isolate before you shaded in places.