Alpha Ideas

A few suggestions for alpha that aren’t over doing it while adding to the gameplay and atmosphere.

Earthquakes The red sun rise adds a post apocalyptic feel and makes it really feel as if earth is on it’s last leg so what about earth quakes that don’t do any structure damage (for now) but are random to a degree without happening within a few hours of each other to avoid making them too repetitive. The earthquake itself could just be a few seismic waves shaking your screen and aim or a small series of earthquakes with bad aftershocks.

Alternate colored hotbar while in inventory. I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem but I always drag my items from somewhere in my inventory to the bottom of my inventory instead of into my hotbar so I can use it. Maybe it’s because I’m use to Minecraft but I’ve play 12 or so hours and I’m still having this problem…

Alpha Ideas - section
**Alpha **Ideas - section
Earthquakes, really? Maybe we should request unicorns to ride on, and preferably make our hotbar a rainbow which we can ride on…

Why would you want random earthquakes in an aplha game, they clearely have no proper use in the game except an annoying event wich takes 1 minute.

And you cannot ask something like changing the colour of you hotbar while managing you inventory just to make the life easier for one single person in the game.

Alpha ideas need to stay basic and shouldn’t be personal.