Alpha protocol g22 and Rainbow six vegas 2 pack

Eh been working on these for a while. I admit I did kinda loose interest in both as I went. The g22’s should be completely fine, the rainbows have the random issue here and there pop out. Yay for lazyness to be honest.

The g22s

And an older picture from when I was working on the rainbows. Those ought to have 8 torso body groups and uh five leg ones. The weird normals and spikes should be gone. Same goes for the bad normals.

These ought to have 8 torso bodygroups and 5 leg ones (keep in mind that the tank top group only has light skin)

Played Alpha Protocol, it was good.

Excellent release, I was wondering when somebody would port stuff from Vegas.
Thank you for posting this.

You should make skingroups for camos and more bodygroups for different gear (vests, hats, etc).

Also do you want to make male versions?

Another rushed model release I see.


you made my day, sir wraithcat!
winner for ya and your next releases to come!

She is a girl.

No one gives a shit.

Lazy or not , these are still very good and I will be using them. Thanks for the models

I would like essentially like to, but the main issue with porting from vegas that unlike most UE3 games getting the textures out is a massive bother. Not to mention that the textures are pretty low quality. (which is one reason I did not include the armours since those rarely go above 64x64)

As to some of the errors on them. That picture with the models is a bit older I did try to fix some of the issues, but like I’ve said I’ve kinda grown bored with the models, which is why some of the necks are odd for instance. More or less ended up going bleh, let’s see if I can actually get all the textures to finally show up and call it a day.

I don’t know anything about Unreal Engine, so maybe I sounded dumb :stuck_out_tongue:
I played Vegas and Vegas 2, and I must say, that textures doesn’t look low-res in-game. But I can only imagine how bad camos look :V

The camos are actually what makes the textures look relatively high res :stuck_out_tongue: Since they get overlayed on top of the original textures pretty tightly.

i love rainbow 6, the armor was pretty good, and will be excellent for posing

Would have loved to use that tanktop model.
Too bad the rigging stinks, I don’t like fighting with one ragdoll for over an hour.

that answers it