Alpha Protocol Models

Made this a long ago… saw somebody release g22 ragdolls. so I decided to release other models.

here you go. images

Download Links

hope you like it.
sorry for late release

Has bodygroups.

Sweet,These look awesome!

There’s something really off about the anatomy/proportions of these humans… but I can’t work out what. I think the feet/ankles/shins are gigantically wide for one thing. It’s like these guys have elephant legs under their clothes.

It’s not your fault, I know; jus sayin.

yeah personally and actually I don’t like everything but weapons.

I wondered if anyone else decided to port any of the models at any time. Seemed odd that no one did. :stuck_out_tongue:

Though there’s something odd about the normals you’ve used. I think I had to move a few channels around on the g22’s I ported earlier.

this is soo awesome!!
would it be possible to port mina, marburg or one of the other main characters?
Could you do that?
Pleeease :slight_smile:

Aw, I was expecting to see Michael Westen… or whatever that guys name was. Probably not westen, I think thats the dude from Burn Notice. Thorton perhaps?

I :love: you
May I have permission to reskin these?