50 Slots
Helpful and Friendly Admins
Rust++ Powered
Starter Kit (1 Bow, 5 Arrows, 1 Stone Hatchet, 1 Sleeping Bag, 35 Wood)
East Coast Server
Airdrop at 15 & 30 Players
PvP Server with Sleepers enabled

The server also includes a steam group! To join this group, and receive more information about the server please go to this link: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/alphaservergroup

Server Rules-

1.Dont complain about being raided, or being killed in chat
2.No hacking
3.Respect other Players, and Admins
4.Don’t spam the chat
5.Refrain from offensive comments

Group Rules-

1.Dont open useless threads
2.Please place all ban requests in the actual ban request folder
3.Dont take in-game conflicts onto the group
4.I dont want to know your personnal issues, dont post them
5.Please respect all users in the group

Smart Alec The God