Alpha Store Closed!

Its happened, finally after months the alpha is closed… the store has been shut :, Time for Beta, Can’t wait to see what they add.

And sorry to the guys who couldn’t get alpha keys.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the auction sticky for discussing this" - postal))


Soo…Alpha means that the game is still in development and that the concept of the game is still in development, the BETA is mostly for server testing (Bug/glitches reporting)

They are still in early alpha as you can clearly tell, they took the key store off as in a couple hours the Rust steam early acess version is to be released.

You wont be able to buy keys for about 1-2 months, and when you are able to buy it will only be possible to buy it on Steam.

I hope i was clear enough, i dont have the best english :slight_smile:
Thanks for reading.

I really wanted one. ._.

I was hoping to give away more Alpha keys within the next month… guess I’ll have a difficult time giving away my only spare key, to just 1 person.

You’re making me nervous :c

I bought key 2 days ago, I fell lucky. And only for 12$.

I’m getting paid today, I was going to try to let my mom let me keep some of it for the game.
Just my luck.

I bought another key before it closed, just in case an on-the-fence friend of mine changed his mind. Glad I did.

If they don’t change their minds, PM me the key hahahahaha jk

I bought my 6 keys for £1 each … that’s $1.63 each… but this was like a week ago when they had 256 Keys starting at $30 … there were 125 keys left when it was at $5 … I bought it for my mates… but only one mate didn’t get one… now unfortunately he has to sit in Skype and listen to us whilst we play …

Woot, I got one more key last night so now I have two lol. :smiley: Right before alpha store was down MY LUCK! <3

Huh, when I was trying to purchase the game while they were selling them 20 at a time (last week sometime I think) it seemed to default to the next highest $10 increment whenever I clicked the shop button. I guess that might’ve been because they were starting at like $600 though.

I got mine for $39, but it was WELL worth it. Shame the key store is closed, I was thinking about buying one for my friend.

I paid $20 for mine because I knew this was going to happen soon

I just got a key yesterday for $11. Jeez, what a score!

ufff, i bought a key today at 6 UTC time :smiley: What a luck :stuck_out_tongue:

I did the same and couldn’t get it to give less than $10 even though the counter was at $1.50.