Already Connected: ANSWERS

ok so, by the looks of it anyone with a problem related to connectivity come to the forum, read 20 threads about the problem that others have posted, then post their own to add to the clutterfuck.
SO… if you can not connect, you come to the forum… and read this. DONT POST ANOTHER THREAD, ask here…

PROBLEM: When you connect to the game, you get an error stating you are connected to another server.
CAUSE: While in game your UNITY crashed and you were removed from the session without your account being disconnected from the server
SOLUTION: 1) wait for server reset /// 2) wait for server crash /// 3) have a dev manually kick your account from the server

*fix: (these are not solutions, they are fixes a dev can implement)

  • account timeout after 30min of inactivity
  • logging in disconnects active connections
  • terminate all connections button from player CP / homepage

Sadly someone will still make their own thread. But very nice job on this post.


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I don’t see any buttons…

… look at the solutions.
those are 3 suggestions to fix the problem for devs

Oh, I assumed it was a mod edit or something :v:

no worries :smiley:

ill forgive you if you spam the server 20x/minute saying “RESET SERVER 2 SAVE LAZY” for 2 days.
i havent killed anyone today… its a weird feeling

Also we need the events page back so that can update scores

How do I get my account manually disconnect activities

Sorry man, I would, but I caught the disease too.

uhm… i think your sentenced ended after discnnect.
and you cant do it manually. your stuck like the rest of us untill a feature is implemented or a server reset occurs

Prior to the recent server upgrade, your second solution was the one that worked. It’s probably the most logical too.

yea, not sure why that was changed.

on another note, the kid who posted a free account had the account banned in under 2 hours… so someone other than the DEVS are reading the forums and have the ability to ban.

with that in mind. maybe it wouldnt be a bad idea to make a global thread for those who need to be kicked from game to relog. and have the OP update list so the staff who read it dont have to go through the thread.

Great job making this thread man…
Very well thought out.:dance:

Good topic! You desverve a bump :jam:

Maybe you should remove the solution #3 just to reduce the flood of PM’s that the devs and moderators are getting.

I Think they should do a Restart, a lot of ppl can´t play…
and the best idea should be a Auto-restart every 6-7 Hours.

there was a reset last night. sadly more people fell into the pit of doom today.

EDIT: FUCK i got the bug again after 4 hours of getting access to it…

The devs should so read this. The timeout would be great but I would say 30 mins still long… 15 mins always good

Good suggestions. I would prefer the manual remove button in a CP over anything else tbh.

If you use Chrome to access Rust:

type “chrome://net-internals” into the URL bar, hit Enter

Click on the top-left dropdown and switch it to Sockets

Click and confirm both buttons.

This should, in theory, tell all sites connected to your computer via Chrome to terminate any existing connections it has with your PC.

Working with the admin of the server I play on. Can’t get this fixed. He has ban/unbanned me. Doesn’t see me on the server to kick me. Not sure what else to try. Wanted to add info to the thread.

This sucks. Can’t play with my friends. . .