AlreadyConnectedToAnotherServer uk1 . could admin help?


today i disconnected from server because of lag while playing.** i was playing at UK1 server**

and now it says AlreadyConnectedToAnotherServer. its been 2 hours.

i tried the followings

*close and open steam
*uninstall and install
*connected another server without a problem. that only happens my UK1 server
*called my internet provide and changed my ip

from forums i heard one admin should kick me from the server.

my username is Birofilo

**could any admin help me? **

if this is not the proper place to open a thread im waiting ur suggestions.


You would expect you would of timed out by now - are you sure nobody else is playing your account, usually if you logout of Steam your ticket will expire and you will get booted.

nope. im actually playing another game right now… :frowning: no one has my account.

i read some people waited over 4 days to get in again…

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does anyone know the solution?

i appreciate

Have you tried logging out of Steam? This might force a ticket to expire, I dunno, restart your PC?

yes i tried.

i even tried uninstall and install :frowning: no admin around to kick me out of game?

I don’t think there are any admins on the official servers.

good to know

i know its alpha but it cannot be acceptable to unable to play for the reason like that

its over 18 hour and still cannot connect…

The server needs to be restarted for this problem to be fixed, birofilo. The official servers don’t get restarted that often. And the only ones who can admin the official servers are the devs, and they’re busy making the game itself.

thanks for the explanation i wish i had a chance to sold it back… u can say there is alot of servers i can move on. but my real life friends (8 people) been there…


its been two days and still getting same errors.

thanks for nothing. i m trying to stay calm down but its impossible in that situation…

should i have to wait official patch to the play for the game that i paid 20 USD?