AlreadyConnectedToAnotherServer ?

Couldn’t find any solution to this issue so thought I’d at least post.

Server : North America 4
Problem: Unable to connect, message given in console : AlreadyConnectedToAnotherServer

Was playing on North America 4 this morning with some lag, but that’s business as usual. I got disconnected (pretty sure I lagged in a doorway) and couldn’t reconnect.

Some of my friends online said they thought the server was going down because they were being disconnected / unable to open doors or storage boxes, so I left the computer for a while. When I came back, I tried to connect to North America 4 and would be put back to the server lobby almost immediately. When I opened the console, it said in red letters “AlreadyConnectedToAnotherServer” . I am able to connect to all of the other official servers without any issue but I cannot connect to NA4.

I have verified cache files, deleted and redownloaded Rust, restarted my modem and router, turned off my firewall, typed in net.disconnect into the console, and all to no avail.

I have also logged into Steam on my husband’s computer and installed Rust and encountered the same issue.
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Please advise.

Yeah I just had this same issue come up on a different official server. I can connect to any other server just not NA3 (the one I regularly play on).
I’ve tried uninstalling and redownloading Rust, rebooting the computer, might try reinstalling steam.

God i hope a reinstall of Steam is not what it takes >.<

I tried verifying cache files, deleting and redownloading, turning off the firewall… still nothing :frowning:

Reinstalling steam didn’t work either. Boo

Also having this issue on US Central 2. Been fighting this for 5 hours, its starting to seriously suck.

Yeah, wish i knew what was happening at least… going on 9 hours for me :frowning:

Don’t want to think about how disorganized my friends are leaving the house XD


Getting close to be 24hours now that I cannot log into my regular server, NA4, with all my friends. I can still log into all other official servers.

I logged into US Central 2 this morning, one buddy plays on this PvE server, and then used net.disconnect to leave it so that I KNEW 100% that i was no longer connected to a server. Then when i tried to get back into North America 4, I recieved the same error about already being connected to another server.

Here’s a screen of the console message.

Please advise.

Just wanted to add some more information ::

Tried installing and playing the game on my husband’s computer. Same issues occurs.

Restart your router.

Thank you for reminding me. I did in fact try this yesterday when I also tried disabling my firewall and the other items that I listed. I also restarted the modem along with the router. I’ll edit the main post to include this.

Happening to me. Nobody’s come up with a fix yet? Don’t want to post a new thread because I’ll get banned, lol

second time this happend to me in 2 days …

Hey. I don’t have any good explanation for why. But as of 1130pm eastern on 2/15 i could log back into my original server (so ~34hrs of being unable to login).

I changed nothing since my last attempt.

Sorry that I can’t offer any helpful suggestions. Only thing I can think of that after a set period of time your login info ‘times out’ from the server it was stuck on?

just happened to me a few hours ago on a non-official server.

Because your server has admins, is there anyway you could contact any of them about restarting it? It’s been theorized that this will ‘unstuck’ you. If you can and letting us know if it worked would be great information. Thanks!

The admin has to manually kick you from his server. Works for sure, since I have been doing it for our players.

I am having the same problem. I play on North America 4 and first of all… that “Omega” jerk destroyed all of our chests and furnaces, then killed us. I was able to play in the server again for a little bit, but then I was kicked out randomly.

Now, anytime I try to connect – for the past several hours – it says I’m already connected to another server. I most certainly am not. I’m able to enter and leave any other server, but cannot enter NA4 and that’s the one where I WANT to play.

This is so ridiculous.

Just roll back and wipe the god damn official servers Garry…

This issue is happening to me on Official Belgium server, i got kicked from the server because the server was lagging, now i cannot rejoin anymore (i’m waiting from like 6hours, restarted steam pc, renewed IP … nothing work)

omg connect to another server, disconnect and connect back to the one you received the “error”