Alright Facepunch, how big should a TTT server's download be?

Mine is racking up to around 330MB before bz2, which should reduce it by about half. So my question is, how big SHOULD it be?

Alright xthenarwhalx, it should only be as big as it needs to be.
I prefer to have a <50mb size when joining servers.

Just make it so you don’t need to spend 30+ minutes downloading everything. Seriously waiting to play on a GMod server just cause I have to download a fuck load of content and waiting an hour is really boring for a new player.

40ish MB imo.
Thats still enought for all needed content.

How do you guys still fit playermodels and things in? that’s pretty much what my community players demand.

Workshop downloads but they take up the most time when downloading.

You don’t need a horde of custom player models, though. Only ~5-10 is fine

I always lived by the rule that if anyone with a decent connection spends more than 5 minutes downloading, you should trim it down.

If I’m not mistaken, when D3 was in its prime the download size was 80-100mb. Most people joined relatively quicky, as even a 10mbit line should download the bulk of that between 1-2 minutes given that it’s in workshop or in a proper fastdl server.

Map + 300 MB is OK.

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If it’s fast enough, though.

Its not fucking okay if you live in Australia holy shit.

Yeah, I didn’t plan on spending my day downloading a single servers content.

What you could do is separate the player models. Make the players download only the content they need and when they join have maybe a button or box somewhere that links them too all the custom content.

And to prevent getting errors all the time(not sure if you can do this but I think you can) make it where all players using a custom player model have the kliener player-model unless the player has said custom model downloaded.

Poor land of fucked up internet, what a shame.

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Not eveveryone’s living in Australia, stop doing projections on others.

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Literally the top whiners are Australians.

Umm… I didn’t mean to say that those size downloads shouldn’t be allowed because some places like here have bad internet.
I meant holy shit for us that’s a lot to have to download :v:.