"Alright guys check for any supplies, we're going to need them!" - Combine squad looting


C&C will be taken into consideration.

why would they be killing each other
and more importantly why would they need to loot, they’re combine, they’ve got shit EVERYWHERE.
that aside it’s a good pose
also hole in head lol

Posing and angle look good to me, nice work.


I don’t think they’re meant to be portrayed as combine in this picture (the “tacticool” ones)

It is a very nice peice. It has good posing.

Just a little bit too dark.
U could of added a little bit more light/ made shining light come from the window.
Should of enhanced the green light a bit and did very little rim lighting job.
That is also a very good job using the ingame blood effects.

Continuing, overall it is very good, posed well.
Although there is some flaws it all came together well.
Mostly just small errors, not big ones, like some clipping with the gun and the elite, and the bad wood texture.
Executed pretty nicely, and good idea.

also why do combines have modern day guns and not their alien plasma assault kannones

The Elite Combine was attacked by something else, the Tactic00l guys just entered the building and needed supplies so they looted.

and bloo if they’re not combines why does she call them combines


oh ok fuck ninja merge break


but still why do they have modern guns

I don’t think of them as Combine, I think of them as Modern Day soldiers.

then why do you call them combine if they’re not supposed to be combine

There Combine soldiers yes but they don’t look like Combine, they look like a modern day setting tactic00l force.

Keep it to steam chat, you can take up a whole 55 thread pages(see what I did there)

a whole 55 thread pages?


but wait if they’re combine soldiers then why do you think of them as a modern fighting force, they’d simply be a more practical combine, not a modern day fighting force
and still why do they have guns that probably don’t even exist anymore

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Holy shit does it even matter?

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that has never been a rule
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Angle and posing seems fine. Nice job.

Too much green, combine in the very back’s left foot is floating

Why is there piss on the camera

Nice posing and angle. And do I see something by the window? Or do my eyes deceive me?