Alright guys, I come to you with a problem with DarkRP.

Okay, so my friend made a darkrp server, and I made him some new classes with this:
And I also got him a model: The Grim Reaper. I have used it in single player and committed suicide to make sure the model works, and it does. So what I’m wondering is are these classes in the correct format? Or did I screw something up somewhere?
TEAM_thief = AddExtraTeam(“Thief”, Color(255,255,255,255), “t_leet.mdl”, [[Be a thief! Steal shipments and get hired to break into stuff.]], {“keypad_cracker”, “lockpick”}, “thief”, 2, 45, 0, false)

TEAM_assassin = AddExtraTeam(“Assassin”, Color(255,255,255,255), “t_phoenix.mdl”, [[Kill people for money. DO NOT RDM.]], {“mad_hands”}, “assassin”, 2, 60, 0, false)

Black Market Dealer
TEAM_dealer = AddExtraTeam(“Black Market Dealer”, Color(255,255,255,255), “t_guerilla.mdl”, [[Sell illegal stuff. Don’t get caught.]], {}, “dealer”, 1, 35, 0, false)

Drug Dealer
TEAM_drugdealer = AddExtraTeam(“Drug Dealer”, Color(255,255,255,255), “male_05.mdl”, [[Sell drugs, don’t get caught.]], {}, “drugdealer”, 3, 50, 0, false)

The Grim Reaper
TEAM_death = AddExtraTeam(“The Grim Reaper”, Color(255,255,255,255), “grim.mdl”, [[The Grim Reaper
goes to souls ready to pass on and challenges them to a game. If they win they continue their lives, if they lose, well…]], {“mad_knife”}, “death”, 1, 200, 1, false)
If you want to see the model information, post your email and I’ll send you the zipped up folders.
Thanks in advance!

You need to include the model path.

Okay, he said he changed it all, now what. The characters appear as stone looking gordon freemans, and you cannot select a job at all.

The model path means you have to put it like this: (If you want the leet model of course)
“Models/player/leet.mdl” did you do that right?

Edit: lol, in that code up there you were using the counterstrike leet model, you must use the garrysmod playermodel leet. They have different animations and garrysmod doesn´t have CSS animations