Alright i gonna be straight: i forgot my password.

I just realized that i havent played FOR 4 MONTHS so i had to. but first i had to dl some addons i use (of course not wiremod or phx or sg or all that, i have those on SVN :|) but when i wanted to log in, i failed. i tried so many times with all my passes and names, but i failed.

one thing that i found out that is my name is “Crabby” for sure

so what can i do? :frowning:

[sry fer veery bad english, im a lolcat]


Btw my steam name is “werz6”

Contact steam support with proof that its your account.

nonono u cant understand, i forgot my pass, not the steam one. i know that very well :U or u mean contact steam wif that i forgot my gmodorg pass? that will be weird for 'em

But then, I’m sure theres some contact page that helps you retrieve a lost password.

there isnt :X or i didnt noticed any, but i checked it like 10 times :frowning:

Make a new account. You can re-verify your steam account on the new GMod one.

Holy Jesus i just found it, thank you for the help anyways!