Alright, I'm ready

Just listen to the music and feel like to make something.

don’t use NPC’s

other than that this is top-notch

Yeah I had realized putting some of them is not good, but I’m bit lazy D:

Thanks btw.

Could’ve done better with the hands, but I really like the atmosphere. Great pic from one of my personal favorite games.

You’re back, hey. Nice picture.

Don’t use watermark, no matter how small it still looks silly.

The small amount of posing done in this picture looks good, POV shots are great.

why is the left side lens flare behind her hand

lens flares don’t work like that fyi

Where did you find that map by the way?

I use fx special addon for a lamp. There is some issue for lighting distance.

It’s GM Freecity Plaza. The link in doesn’t exist anymore.
I search in FP and found reupload link: