"Alright, now I'm damn sure somethings here."

:siren: Look atop the freakin’ dozer!:siren:
First time ever trying in-game editing to give it a sunset-ish look. The shadow on the guy to the right irks me though, but that’s trivial.

And a cookie to who finds what’s there. Rate, hate, appreciate.

Posing’s solid, but it’s really empty.

A bloodsucker? Pretty well hidden I say. Arty.

Where is the Bloodsucker?
Cant find him.

nice one, and i think they noticed the camera’s, that are recording them

fuck fuck fuck there’s a bloodsucker out there oh fuck I’m so startled

fuck shit uninstall

The empty space actually works… really well. It makes you want to look for whatever it is that the guys have spotted/heard. Great work all round.

Right under your nose.

Actually, after looking at it again I can start to see how the emptiness works. I take back my remark regarding it being empty from before.

Not helpful

Right under your left nostril.

Ffs im looking at the picture for 10 mins now and I cant find that guy.
Tell meeeeeee.

Look on top of the dozer :v:

I looked out for him where the other 2 guys are looking. Guess Id be dead :v:

It’s Slenderman, he’s among the trees somewhere :iiam:

Oh wait. There it is. You clever boy, you.

“Clever girl…”

I’m liking that look.

Blends in well.

The stalker on the right looks like he is taking a wizz but that’s just me.

's great bro.