Alright, PLEASE read this. (Faceposer)

Faceposer is a glorious thing. It’s the best way to “animate” to make ultimate Machinima’s.
Problem is, there are literally no good, well explained tutorials. What I’m asking is someone that is really good with faceposer, to show a well explain tutorial on how to use faceposer on SDK. I’m ready at anytime to beg for this.

Well, thank you for reading.

Ever used google?

[li]Choreography Creation
[li]Setting Up Your Scene
[/li][li]Creating Events
[li]Body Animation
[/li][li]Facial Expressions
[/li][li]Other Events
[li]Lip Synching
[li]Choreography Tool Reference
[/li][li]Closed Captions
[/li][li]Creating Your First Faceposer Scene
[/li][li]Expression Creation
[/li][li]Faceposer Choreograph Scenes in Your Map
[/li][li]Faceposer Reference
[/li][li]Facial Expressions Primer
[/li][li]Gesture Manipulation
[/li][li]Other Faceposer Tools
[/li][li]Phoneme Tool
[/li][li]Video Tutorials
[li]Faceposer Video Tutorial Part 1
[/li][li]Faceposer Video Tutorial Part 1

See Also: The Mappers’ Encyclopedia

Damn you terenteller! Your so god damn smart!

Yeah, doesn’t help much.

Try that.


It’s 3 posts up.

I remember faceposer only working on xp… I think… if someone knows otherwise I want to know.

I’m running Windows 7, and I’ve never had a problem with it. Well at least none that I know of. :stuck_out_tongue: