"Alright, those wankahs are down there, prepare to fire" + Extra

A BLU Special forces team prepares to fire on a RED patrol.

A Waffen SS squad moves towards leningrad with a Jagdpanther

And yes, the germans did make copies of the PPSh

C&C please

I like both pictures.

I don’t like the small amount of fish eye on the first one.

The Germans would convert ppsh’s to 9mm.

Yes, which is basically a german copy of a PPSh

Why does the guy on the right of the second pic not have a weapon? He looks a little envious.

Its hard to see but theres a Kar98k on his back. You can slightly see the barrel behind his helmet.

Eh, not really. It’s just re barreled.

AK47, R870, and Alyx’s Gun models used? Scout headset gib? Then photoshopped the gib to look better?

i don’t think anyone would want to stand infront of a tank when advancing w/ one

What’s going on with the sniper’s left (gloved) hand?

No. Its the TF2 AK47, remington and desert eagle that Jason hexed. And the headset is from a hacked gear pack.

Thanks for the heads-up, I didn’t know it was the Deagle skin for the revolver. Dan made the remington and ak47, right?

i dunno, i just found them on the thread jason made for hexed models.
The AK47 came with a thompson though.

Rebarrelling captured weapons to simplify logistics and guarantee ammo availability is not the same as copying them by any stretch of the imagination. The Germans did not produce PPSh clones at any point in the war.