"Alright, we're good to uncloak."

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15876255/cloaking and shit.jpg

And some other ones too.




First pose, hand on face needs to be more to the right, fingers should be around the mouth area. why do they have the omni-blades out if they aren’t looking at them? The wireframe effect is a bit underwhelming, add color and glow to keep it from being bleh. Lighting is very good. Second posing and lighting are great, hands look weird with the width of the gun on the righty. Third pose, lighting is good and posing is good but otherwise I don’t care for it much. I don’t usually think “standing there looking cool” is threadworthy, even though it does look very nice, and of course it isn’t like you gave it it’s own thread. Fourth one, cool scenebuild(?) and great idea. The rope on the skeleton looks a bit bleh, and the lasers on the cutter don’t have the right perspective, or don’t appear to, but otherwise cool. Excellent lighting as usual. Thighs on the lowest one look odd, why are they turned in so far? And the guy on the top looks stiff armed.

I like that last one a lot.

last one is best. i assume that’s the one you were going to show me but then i went to bed?

The last one reminds me of Alone in the Dark.