Also an ultimate headshot... probably.

It is but a scratch.

Good God! :iia:
have a palette!

Pure awesomeness.

Good grief. Have a palette. It is well deserved. Amazing work.

Well that’s good. (:

needs skull fragments aswell as brains flying out.
And that’s not enough blood.

I do agree on the skull fragmens and brains but i think there’s enough blood for such a fast reaction.

yea you’re right.
The blood has some sharp edges though.


but it’s your editing style and it looks good so whatever.

Very nice, you could add some more skull and meat parts

Ewww nasty.

Very nice indeed!

Very good.

Needs much more flesh and skull though, rather than just blood splat.

Yeah i agree that it needed pieces flying around, mh wonder why i forgot, thanks all anyway.

The wound itself is amazing though.

Yeah, I think an exit wound would have made it more ultimate, but have a pallate for still making my day.

looks lovely

As you can see I’ve taken a bullet to the head, it’s nothing serious but I am bleeding badly.

Awesome job! (What they said)

Nice models for this pose :q:

I love the blood splatter on the CT’s goggles.

He actualy has an exit wound if you look to the right. c: But it’s not spraying blood around