Also Banned.

Hi everyone, I’m simon, known as cold fusion.
I’ve been banned from, alot of you will probably say I deserve it, but the reason I created this is not to get myself unbanned, but to hopefully make everyone see how unfair its been. I uploaded, a not amazing, but not bad background. I have made lots of other things like the road signs pack, and also the gm_holidays map pack. And one stupid background. Without warning, its totally unfair.

If you look back a few people have made threads about being banned, the most popular being jimonions my friends thread. His background was awesome and already loads of people have requested his unban. I too say he should be unbanned.

But to the point, where does it say ‘You will be banned for uploading backgrounds’ and garry gave no warning, to be fair shouldn’t he simply warn that if we dont remove it we will be banned rather than just banning first time?

I’m sure theres alot of you who have commited not so bad crimes as uploading a not so good background and have been banned, feel free to post your stories here and comments.

And now I’ve been unbanned :slight_smile: Thanks garry!