Alt + e function broke

… among other things. So, we decided to have fun.

… Not even the fireplace was safe.


The concept is neat I’ll admit. When god gives you lemons…

However I would like to offer some critique if I may. There is a lot of empty space and your current FoV doesn’t do the scene justice. Stand back from your scene and zoom in with the camera to get a nice cinematic feel. Experiment with different camera angles and lighting effects and always remember to disable your hud. Hope to see more from you.

Thanks for the tips. Should I get any filters or types of lenses for my throwaway gmod Kodak camera?

Thanks for the reply! You can find a limited range of image manipulation tools in the post processing tab. I forgot to mention that Super DoF will be your partner in crime for gmod poses and takes some familiarization. There are a lot of models available here on facepunch or the workshop as well. Eventually all great posers turn to custom models for their creations so have a crack at it bub.

~ Gordonator

So what does ALT+E do and why are there chairs everywhere?

Oh, I’ll take note of that for future projects. Also, what FOV is desired for screenshots? I’m working on a map right now that I’ll be taking pictures of.

From what I can tell, alt + e spawns a chair on a surface, makes it invisible, and allows the user to sit on it until they get up, and the chair despawns; the player can sit on anything now. Something broke in the server, and the function stopped at spawning the chair. I wanted to change the map to a larger map and spawn chairs on EVERYTHING, but unfortunately I was afraid it’d fix the bug. :frowning: