alt key freelook

Why not have the alt key allow you to “turn your head” with the mouse while running forward? Seems like it would be more useful than this contrived over-the-shoulder look that you can’t really control.

I don’t understand the decision to take away the ability to strafe while running, I’ve never met anybody who can’t turn their torso while moving at speed, but if you’re set on keeping that limitation ingame then this alt-key freelook seems like a much more useful function than the current rip-your-head-off-and-put-it-on-backwards-and-maybe-a-little-sideways setup.

It shouldn’t be restricted to just one shoulder to look over, i’d prefer to use the button Z(left) and X(right) for each shoulder.

it isnt restricted to looking over one shoulder, clearly you haven’t played any ArmA games

its restricted to only the right shoulder in Rust. I’d prefer buttons to use that function while i use the mouse to control the direction i’m running

Yes, it is as GrymThor describes. But leaves the left as a dead zone. So you have to stop and do a 360 in most cases to be 100% sure no one is following. I would also like to be able to look over my left shoulder as well.

ArmA and Rust are two different games and very hard to see a connection between them.

This doesn’t even really need to be discussed because alt free looking is much more useful than what we have now, that’s a fact.

However I don’t see a reason why we couldn’t have both implemented if people prefer one over the other, just assign them to different keys.

I would prefer Q and E to look left and right.

yeah that would work better but E is assigned to opening things, if we could reassign keys then that wouldn’t be a problem

either way it’s easily rebound to other keys. but i agree, looking left and right via a button would be useful.

I like the idea of using alt to free-look.

I’m also used to Arma and always hitting Alt for free-look. It is the best solution and makes a huge difference in PVP. For those unfamiliar, Alt in Arma lets you look anywhere up, down, left, right without affecting your running direction.

it also allows for the use of head tracking devices which I always thought was a nice touch

Yes it does if you can get used to the things! I find myself looking away from the loot container just at the wrong time & miss the bloody thing.

Definitely good if you can get used to it though and super useful for flying.

wasn’t talking in the context of rust, since i haven’t played the new version yet, so wasn’t aware of the over the shoulder cam

Alt free look is great in a pack. You lead the way while holding the ALT key which covers behind your friends who are following, and they keep looking forward covering what is oncoming.

A 360 journey of sorts…