Alt-looking bugged out for me

Since the 9/3 patch, alt-looking has been bugged out for me, orbiting around a point a little in front and to the right of my face instead of where my head should be. For instance, when holding the rock, the camera orbits around a point just in front of it and to the right, which means the camera goes into the rock when I look to the sides, more-so when I look to the right. I’m also able to see my disembodied arms floating in mid-air, holding the rock. This is pretty jarring when I’m trying to bash away at a tree and keep an eye on my surroundings. Just letting you guys know because I haven’t seen a thread on it yet. I reckon I’ll have to wait for the next patch, but if there’s anything I can do to fix this, please let me know.

This sounds like what was happening with the admin look modes since one of the previous patches. Basically the rotation is off-center.

It was addressed in the Rust updates twitter feed.

Oh, okay, thank you. I guess I know who I adding to my follow list on twitter now.