I am not sure if this has been previously mentioned, certainly isn’t fixed if it has. If the thread is already been created, link me and move on.

When I ALT+TAB out of a game on Garrysmod, both single player and multiplier. I loose my HUD, Console, Weapon bar* and more. *(By weapon bar I mean the bar at the top of the HUD that you use to scroll through weapons.

Usually in Singleplayer this is rectified by opening the console, though, in multi-player I have yet to find a solution. If I ALT+TAB out and then come back in, this is what occures:

  • Pressing “Y”. Will make me look directly up, can’t see the text bar.
  • Can’t see what other people are typing.
  • Can’t see the *Weapon Bar" can only here the scrolling noise.
  • Can’t open the console.
  • Can’t open the Q menu or any other menu.
  • Can’t escape the game va the ESC key. No menu appears.

Only way to fix it is to use task manager to kill the game and rejoin. Anyone else get this? Is there a fix?

I can fix it by opening and closing console.