Alt tab makes everything dark

After I alt tab and come back the game is so dark unless I rejoin or kill myself. Is this a game feature or a bug?

take off your sunglasses

You can avoid this by playing in a window instead of full screen.

But this really needs to be fixed.

Yeah, this has been glitchy for the past 2-3 updates. If I alt-tab out of Rust for more than 30 seconds or so, the client gets kicked from the server. If I do make it back in, I have to disconnect / reconnect to reset the graphics. Seems like it gradually fades back to normal after about 10 minutes realtime.

Sometimes ya just gotta go over to Rusty to see what people on the other server are doing.

Yeah I get this too. But oddly I get it with a huge spike in FPS as well. The game runs fine when I load it… fine for days and days… then one morning it will just lag to hell and drop from ~80fps down to about 15fps.

I alt-tab and go back in and it’s fine again - but with the dark issue.


Its not a bug! Its a feature! :smiley: Just your eyes adjusting to light as if you put a blanket over your head and then took it off, or walked inside after being outside on a hot day…

Pretty sure its a bug with color grading, turn it off until they’ve fixed it.