ALT + TAB, steam community in game not working

Hi, so basically my in game steam community is not working in rust. It works on every other game except rust. I have checked in settings and yes it is enabled and i have checked which keys open it in game, but none seem to work.


There is a way how I fixed the problem.

  1. Close Rust and Steam
  2. Re-open Steam (as admin!!!)
  3. Start Rust
  4. Enjoy.

Worked for me.

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Thank you so much! It worked :slight_smile:

do you mean shift tab, alt tab closes the window

Alt tab actually just changes from one window to another, doesn’t close anything. You’re thinking of Alt+F4 for closing.

But he’s right, shift tab is the normal Steam Community overlay hotkey.

No problem. Feel free to support my by playing on my server. :smiley:

alt tab goes to my desktop so i call that closing the window

k well that’s not what it does. Nothing gets closed. Minimized at most, it’s still there. Also it doesn’t always go to your desktop depending on what you’ve got open, you can use it to switch to another window too if you want.

This ^

I think OP has his shortcuts mixed up. alt + tab and shift + tab are working as intended. I seriously doubt that the OP has as he says “checked in settings and yes it is enabled and i have checked which keys open it in game” Maybe really take a look instead of making a post and saying things that you did do when you really haven’t…

Ah sorry, in the title i put alt tab instead of shift tab :slight_smile: