Alt+Tabbing out

For some reason every time I alt+tab out of gmod and try to open it my screen goes black and then alt+tabs back to my desktop. What do I do?
(NOTE: I have just downloaded Glyph, Trove, Overwolf, VTFedit, Photoshop, and Adobe Creative cloud)

Run the game in borderless windowed mode. It’s a hell of a lot better.

Right click gmod in steam, properties, set launch options, -window -noborder

Try getting a Mac - Mac

(User was banned for this post ("unhelpful/why reply?" - OvB))

Great idea. Because the game isn’t already unstable enough.

Not sure if it’s just me, but a lot of source games just have fits if you tab out in full screen mode - Gmod is only an issue if it’s loading though