Altair being...Altair

What else is there to say? EDIT: Known Errors: Props out of place, Altair is shiny as Fuck, and the SoF looks bad.

Besides C&C, please.

HL2 props are really unfitting, not a fan of the ground either. DOF is ugly.

I do like the models, however, though it’s a little odd to have one guard with significantly darker armour next to the other, just something I thought I’d point out. Poses themselves are good.

Yeah, We need some Assassin’s creed maps or something, and the crusaders, but thanks.

Metal barrel yea, no.

It’s empty, not a great map, blurred all to hell, his robe is reflecting a lot of light but the polished metal guard armor is not which is odd, the blood effect is not a great choice, the props are way out of place and the posing, especially on the darker guard, is lackluster.

Anyway to actually fix the light reflecting problem? I have this problem on all my white models and I would like to fix it.

Templars are simple reskinnings, unless you want it TOTALLY authentic.
And this map -> could be MADE for AC.

How could Altair kill 2 guards at once with only ONE secret blade ?

You should have used an Age of Chivalry map along with Age of Chivalry models.

Anyone else think it looks like they’re laughing?

I can sorta see it Zup, but I really can’t fix this until garry finishes up the fix and Steam applies it.

Hmm, no weapons for those guards?

Now that you mention it, for the two getting stabbed, no. I can’t fix it though until we get Garry’s Mod back up

Now That Gmod Is up. I’ll look into working with this.

It’s TOO blurry and the map is empty.

And maybe zoom in a more so you can see a little less of the ground and more of the enemies and have the castle as the background? Just my thoughts.

Thanks for the thoughts. I did redo both of my Altair pose threads and posted it in the other one. This is the new one:

A bit better. The map still seems unfitting, the area is bland, and it seems emotionless

Angle is really good. Posing on the guards are ace.
In the words of Bill, “You did good, kid”.

There’s really no way to fit emotion into it. You just have to figure it out. As for the map; these cheap medieval maps are the best I can do for Altair. I can’t do the desert because I lack a copy of CSS. If you can show me a desert map that looks good and doesn’t need css, I’d be happy to try again.

A lot better, still could use some work though. I like how you have the camera over his shoulder, it’s a nice pose and perhaps play around with the poses of the guards a little more.

I was originally going to have them attacking, until I noticed how bad their finger posing is. The fingers, they go sideways when normal models would go straight.