Altair Hanging onto a Ledge

C&C n stuff
The map is de_inferno

Low-Res stuff ruins it

What’s up with his arm?

That’s not how you hang onto a ledge.

I have never seen anyone hold onto a ledge with his elbow sticking up.

I think he’s grabbing for it, it’s good but needs work.

“Oh hey look! I got an awesome model that nobody has! I can make a shitty pose, everybody will like it anyway!”

No sir, it doesn’t work. He not even hanging onto the ledge, he seems to be floating.

The posing is really quite off.

Altair was released in Lilwasa’s “Present Pack”.

On the pic: It looks ok, but the arm posing could use some work.

Funny thing is, I have that model.


It’s not his fault the ragdoll is a bitch to pose.