Altaïr player model

I’ve found Altaïr ragdoll, but I’d want player model of it :smiley: I don’t think I need to post a picture, becouse everyone knows how he looks like?

The link for the ragdoll is here

Altair as in the guy from Assassins Creed? Its not rigged to Valve’s skeleton, so someone needs to re-rig it in order for it to be a player

Well that shouldn’t be tough for the kind of people who turn things like Renamon and Halo stuff into playermodels. The challenging part for you will be finding someone who can re-rig and is willing to do it.

What skeleton is it rigged in to then?

I’d guess it’s a custom one.

Speaking of the ragdoll, can anyone link me to it?

It’s here

Search before posting… Use it to turn any ragdoll/model into a playermodel.

It needs animations, if the guy uses that then he will have a t-posed Altair