Alter day/night cycle

I want to edit my day/night cycle a little on my server, how can I do this? Thanks in advance

you cant

I have seen threads on other servers that have modified it. I will try to find them tomorrow and link them.

Or… just ask them? Crazy thought :wink:

Jump on one of those servers and ask if the admin’s on - takes all of 2 minutes per server.

Good luck with your server - the more the better :slight_smile:

I’d disagree with “the more the better”, community tab needs to be fixed, so people can more easily join community servers…

Sorry Bacon, I wasn’t aware of a problem - I’ve only been playing a few days… Only problem I’ve had getting onto servers is waiting the minute or two for the list to load so that I can log into one on my history list - which now I don’t need to do as I learnt the net.connect method. Oh, and of course the discouraging loss of the ability to sort by ping/name, but I’m sure that’s been posted about hundreds of times already.

He’s obviously talking about a modded server, and there’s been no time when I couldn’t load that list - so yes, more servers the better :wink:

Yeah, I used history for a while, then my history tab died… :stuck_out_tongue:

You can edit the timescale (how fast time moves.), and you can change the time of day. Those two commands exist. If you want, you can freeze time at a certain point of the day.

But this bares problems.

Airdrops are triggered at a certain time of day, each day. If you speed time up, the airdrops will be faster. If you make the time go redicuously fast, you will spam the server with airdrops.

If you freeze time, to make the server “24/7 Day” for example, automatic airdrops will never come.

I know the two commands, but they are pretty much unknown to most people right now, and since it breaks the automatic daily airdrops, I’m sure the few people that do know it will most likely just keep it to themselves.

And why not post the commands, since you know them, and the OP is asking how.

Shouldn’t be too hard to run a script to drop airdrops every so many minutes.

The commands don’t seem to be readily available anywhere, so I assume the developers wish it to be that way for whatever reason. No one seems to want to share, so I think I’ll keep it like that :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a pretty filthy attitude to have.

Well since douchebaggery sucks.

env.timescale changes the rate at which times travels

env.time changes current in game time

Your welcome.

For future reference use find {string} to find what commands are available to you.

One more question, how to disable item decay for like metal and wood walls. I saw the command somewhere but cant seem to find it now, and the find string doesnt seem to pull anything up

I was told not share, so I did not. :~)

All we have to do is type Find in the console in game to get the command from the list. You aren’t hiding anything.