Alter Video settings out of game?

-Processor Intel i7 920 2.36 GhZ

  • RAM 9GB DDR 3
  • Graphics Card Nvidia GTX 260
  • Operating System Windows 7

Recently Changed:
Started using older, lower quality VGA cable.

Gmod launches the hl2.exe and but that crashes within a second of loading.

I recently got a much older video cable, I belive it is causing a loss of available resolutions. I just need to lower the resolution of my game but it will not even turn on, what can I edit to lower this I have checked my config files and cannot find the video settings, Is there anywhere else I can look to edit this?

-res 1440x900

Command line right?


If so it did not work. Is there anything else that could be causing this my game runs in windowed mode, -noborders, (I tryed removing no borders), The only thing that has changed on my computer is the resolution. Are there any other settings I can try changing?

Not command line, in steam right click on garrysmod -> properties -> set launch options -> paste in what the guy said, or you could try doing “-dxlevel 80” (no quotes) instead, change the screen res once in game, and then changing the 80 to 90.