Post comments about my first map, alter_of_sacrifice

Note: I got the name from a song by slayer

Download, Images, Info:

Images? Download?

sorry 1 sec

You don’t make a thread until you have everything together. Downloads, Pictures, Information and such.

my bad this is not only my first map but my first FacePunch post and I just made the acount =\

If you hurry you might get the images up before the admins get here.

sorry for the late link

Upload the picture to, or any other Image uploading page, then add

To the picture’s link.


Shall I say “no pix no clix”? ;D

My word that looks bloody awful!

Never release your first map unless its for cc.

I’ve seen worse first maps. At least it has lighting. You really shouldn’t ever release your first map, showing off pictures in the WIP pimpage thread would be a good way of getting crit on it, however I hope you had fun making and playing this map.
You should work on detail in your next map, this map has a lot of large flat spaces visually, you should work to break them up, whether visually with shadows and texture changes, or physically with brushwork and props.

Thanks for the feedback! Im still trying to figure out how to spawn props and make it look detailed. I had an extremly realistic zombie map on gm_big_city but it was a saved game, and those are a pain in the ass. I hope to recreate that when I get better but till then il just be getting used to source sdk.

Can’t really tell if it’s fullbright, but it looks decent for a first map.

Keep adding to it. If there is something new you learn, add it to the map.