altering texture & keep model

hi there, i’m getting some recolor/retexture some prop model who the community guys had developed (on my private use only, i don’t wanna use someone else’s work as mine) and i’ve got that problem…
if i want to keep the old prop (with his standard prop) AND my recolor as 2 separate things, simply the game doesn’t recognize my recolor (i’m sayng recolor but im talking about different textures) and spawn a second item with the same propreties as the standandard one…
i’m used to edit vmt files but i’m completely ignorant as editing models.
As i repeat that’s for my private use only for screenshots or videos so i don’t want to learn a method to redistribuite other’s people job as mine (i hope my english is good enough)

To have both your version, and the original at the same time, you will need to Hex it.
It doesn’t require you to decompile the model or anything, and it’s pretty much just renaming the files and changing some file properties with a hex editor.

There’s a few tutorials floating around since it’s quite a common subject in garrysmod,
Like this one by Silver Spirit:

So you want to have two seperate copies of the model, one with the default textures and one with your textures? This can be done by decompiling the model using MDLDecompile or Crowbar, changing the model path, and recompiling it using StudioCompile or Crowbar. I can do it for you if you link the model and texture.

many thanks man, but i’m going to do it myself… just because i want to learn HOW :wink:
thanks anyway for the tips

This works, but decompiling is easier imo.